Saturday, January 8, 2011

sometimes stuff just happens

ok so maybe i was wrong my last post. life does suck. been almost 3 months since i updated my blog too much drama goin on in my life. David and i are getting a divorce. he has been gone since the weekend after thanksgiving. it was a rough christmas because the kids missed him and i couldnt afford a big christmas by myself. my family proved to me that they are self centered and selfish opinionated jerks..well most of them are anyhow. the others know i appreciate everything that they do and that they keep their opinions to themselves. i am dealing with moody men everywhere i turn. kyle is the moodiest thing alive but i imagine it is the drama that him and i and his dad are going through right now. David swings from nice to outright mean day to day and my friend mark is probably the moodiest one of them all. its nice having someone to talk to but when he is moodier than i makes for interesting conversations. i miss david but cant deal with all the crap that we put each other through. things go good for a few months and then things go back to ther way they were before. and i wish sometimes that i had someone elses anyone out there know any men who want to be a sugar daddy...:) heather is playing basketball right now and softball season starts next week. i take the kids to moms at night when i work so that they are not home alone. i applied for a day position so that i am at work when they are at school and so that they can sleep in thier own beds at night. i have been working a full time schedule at work and im tired of the damn night shift. i work every weekend so that i can get a little bonuse


Tonya said...

Gosh my dear I am so sorry. Many many hugs coming your way. I sure do miss you!!! Loves

Anonymous said...

Luv the openess of your blog, just randomly found it, hope you can get a chance to see mine and let me know what you think I just started but take care keep up the great work