Saturday, March 12, 2016

they arent babies anymore

today, my baby took his girlfriend to his senior prom. last Saturday, my baby girl turned 20. its bittersweet, his sister came to see him don his tux and to take sibling pictures. my heart swelled. my eyes welled...he was all smiles, my baby, as he looked at his girlfriend in her beautiful red dress. I got to meet her today, Emily. a sweet young woman. my son used to look at me with love in his eyes. now, now this beautiful girl in the pretty red prom dress, her hand in his, gets that honor. its, my heart eyes welled..

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

these are the days of our lives...

so this year has been full of insanity. changes. and events. ive taken up yet another hobby...quilting... I spent a month in Texas this past summer with my best friend from high school. best friends since we were 15...pretty amazing considering I grew up a military brat. I got to see tons of things in San Antonio and catch up on years of girl I have been stitching quite a bit lately and thanks to Meari, I joined a monthly stitch along. I have enjoyed the little charts and they have come out so pretty...working on getting pictures posted.  I have just recently gotten . use of a laptop...mine is disabled thanks to the dog eating the cord...don't ask...heather has been traveling with her boyfriend and his family and is getting the opportunity to see different places. I'm happy for her. but I miss my baby girl..kyle has been struggling with depression.. it has been very difficult but he is now being treated and doing therapy so hopefully he will be doing better soon. ive turned heathers room into a craft room.. it presently looks like a hurricane went through it...but it was being used as a catch all room so I decided it could catch all of my craft stuff!.  I won an embroidery sewing machine and hope to get it set up and running soon.... spend a lot of time with my dad and stepmom. he has been fighting with his health lately and hasn't been doing so well. finally he is starting to feel better.. thankfully!... my blood pressure is still insane at time but I'm plugging along.... hope everyone is well..dont really know if anyone even reads my blog anymore.....

Monday, April 13, 2015

uh oh a post!

So far its been a crazy year! Been stitching like crazy and hope soon my laptop will be running so I can post pictures!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy new year

Hopefully this year will be calm hopefully. I am going to try and be a better person, a better  listener, friend, mother, wife and daughter, I am goimg to try and not worry so much about what other people think or want but concentrate on what my family and what I need. I want to learn new crafts like felting this year. Last year I learned to crochet and how to use a long arm quilt machine, I'd like to learn macrame too. I have already bested myself, I've done four small sanman originals charts so far this year! I pray everyone who might come across my blog, has a wonderful happy safe new year!

Sunday, November 30, 2014 I'm really bad bout posting

But hey! I made two whole entries this year! Whoot! Its been a pretty rough year. I had ankle surgery done on my left ankle lost my job because of not being able to stay on my feet for hours on end. Lost a cousin an uncle and an aunt, been a rough one. David was in a car accident in oct, totaled the old car broke his ankle but he survived. Lucky man too. The car was bad bad. Visited w sisters this summer. Heather graduated. Heather turned 18 kyle tured 16. Got his drivers license and glasses. Bit of everything. I have learned how to crochet and how to quilt! Made many crafts and need to get them loaded;) as per the norm I say ill do better every year...,;)
Hugs to yall who read!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

A New Year already...

As usual, i say i will try and post more often and keep everyone updated..Last year sucked..thats being nice...February i had my hysterectomy, March 5th, the day my beautiful baby turned 16, i was in the hospital having my thyroid removed. it turned out to be cancerous but thankfully no radiation was needed..i recovered from my surgeries and returned to work the end of April.  three weeks after returning to work, i fell and tore the ligaments in my ankle which required me to have ankle reconstruction surgery...I have been on light duty since May 4 2012...and i continue to be on light duty because my ankle is taking its time healing...Positive side note..David has gone One year and 5 months alcohol free.. I  am very proud of him! I have gone 11 days without a diet coke. I am trying to wean myself off of them because they are not good for my bp..I have been through the wringer with my bp this past year. i had to have a ct scan done to rule out a tumor on my adrenal gland and thankfully it came back negative.. my doctor has tried different meds and finally started me on a clonidine patch as well as my three bp pills i take far this week my bp has been within normal heres hoping!! Kyle is growing into a good looking young man and Heather is beautiful as ever..i am biased though...they are good kids. Heather has a boyfriend, Skylar  he is a good kid and is crazy about Heather. ahhh young love..i remember it well.  Jazzy is pregnant. she is going to have pups any day now. she is huge :)
my beautiful babies christmas day. i have started stitching again. i didnt feel well for so long, but i have finished two Sanman Originals this week. ill post pictures soon. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. Heres Hoping mine is better health wise!

Monday, October 8, 2012

a me update....finally

ok, so its been awhile...nothing new there huh?  i had my ankle surgery and it was a bit more involved than originally planned..he did an ankle reconstruction, shaved bone, repaired ligaments and created a new ankle bed for my ankle bone...i started therapy last week. im doing ok..sore and grumpy and ready to go back to work, kind of scared i wont be able to return to work in a full time capacity day at a time..Mindy the husky and bella the pom had puppies the same time...Max  the manwhore from down the road got busy with my girls...the pom mixes have all found homes...if anyone is around here or even pensacola, mobile, jay, brewton or atmore...i will deliver haha...i have seven beautiful husky mix puppies free to good jazzy girl is getting so babies are getting even bigger  Heather is 16 now and kyle is 14..where did the time fly?  I turned the big 40 this older Kia will be paid off in another month..things are going pretty good..David has made it 14 months alcohol very proud of him..He is a different man.  My stepmom made me a weenie dog cake for my birthday and a 5 layer purple cake for my best friend carrie..i have been doing a lot of crafts..not so much cross stitch...ive kinda slacked on that but i have made some jewelry and other neat things..i was in my first craft festival this month..i made a whole 20.50 but hey, gotta start somewhere huh? i have discovered a new love for Pinterest!!!!  im addicted to it haha...
this is my beautiful girl Jasmine, she is getting so big and is such a lover..thank you daddy and bonnie for giving me my angel.  I miss my willow but Jazz is slowly filling that empty hole will  left in my heart. 
this is my cake that bonnie made for me for my 40th.. i found a picture of a weenie dog cake on Pinterest and sent it to her..hers came out way better than the picture i sent her!!!!im having problems uploading pictures but there are tons more to follow!!! hope all is well with everyone.
and thank you for checkin in on me!!!