Sunday, February 13, 2011

update on me..

Ok, so it has been a hell of a couple of months! Got rid of all of the moody men in my life...except my child and im stuck with him til hes at least 18!! :) My friend mark is now back in Michigan. he needed to be home with his mama who can deal with his am now homeless..and have nothing..we had a house fire two weeks ago and lost everything..including the kitties..Sammy ran away and poor tigger succummed to smoke. I want to put it out there that i may live in a small town but this community and so many other people from all over who dont even know me have been supportive and caring. my heartfelt love, thanks and complete appreciatin. To the girls at all are wonderful and i am actually working on some pieces for the next couple of quilts...i have to keep my mind and hands busy and cross stitching and scrapbooking calms dad and step mom have set up a doorprize for the one world one heart event at my dads blog. i wanted so badly to participate but well...when i have nothing to blessed to have such wonderful family. David is still gone and yes we are still going through with the divorce. he is just being nicer to me Heather has started softball. my mind is just racing with everything that needs to be done and i have my good days and my bad days..some days i just want to cry..i keep "remembering" little random things that i just took for what they were and miss them..i had an extensive Sanman originals collection, a large specialty threads collection, my coloring books and crayons (yes, i am a big kid)my journal..little things..i had a huge button and embellishment collection to make anyone envious..all gone. im thankful for god though, my children and i were not at home. and some random redneck (thank you whoever you were) BROKE the window and let my husky dog out of the house..Mindy Lou thanks you with all of her furry does her mama...poor tigger was found "sleeping" and the police chief and my awesome neighbor buried her for me the night of the fire..i was in no shape. i thank all of the firefighters who tried to save my house and i thank all of you who cried alongside with me. my heart was touched by the compassion and love i felt. i had people i did not know crying for me and my house and for my kitty. god will bless you as much as he has blessed me. if i could hug everyones necks and tell everyone individually that i love you and appreciate you..i would but for now..I want everyone who has helped and sent love and well wishes cards and prayers. i love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart..


Nancy M said...

So sorry to hear that you had a fire! I can't imagine losing everything. I'm sorry too that you had to lose a pet, although it sounds like several were saved. It's nice that you had a good community to help you through it.

New End Studio said...

Melanie, my you have been badly besieged. I am so sorry for your house fire, loss of everything including your kitties. Thankfully your children, dog, and yourself weren't burned. Hope that you know people are praying for all of you and that includes me. Get some rest as you can.

Arabella said...

I'm sorry to read about this disgrace... :( But you know; sun will shine again, brighter than ever. A big hug for you and your family!