Monday, February 1, 2010

an update and some finishes...

This year has started out bad. but life goes on and hopefully things will be better soon. I asked David for a divorce. he has moved out. My uncle owen, after fighting cancer and actually going into remission passed away due to complications from pneumonia. I will miss you uncle Owee...I love you. Heather has started softball already..straight from basketball to softball. i wont get a break
Samsarah Happy New Year!

samsarah Happy New Year

Sanman originals..Bat spot.

sanman bat spot

Sanman Easter Joy tuck

sanman easter joy tuck

Sanman Enter at your own risk

sanman Enter at your own risk

Sanman Hohoho tuck

sanman Hohoho tuck

Sanman Jolly tuck

sanman jolly tuck

Sanman Joy tuck

sanman joy tuck

Sanman Ladybug tuck

sanman ladybug tuck

Sanman red snow tuck

sanman red snow tuck

Sanman Its santa season tuck

sanman Santa season tuck

Retro bird freebie

retro bird freebie

Sanman Wicked Hat

sanman Wicked Hat

1 comment:

Tonya said...

You have been stitching! WOW! All look awesome. I just LOVE Sandy's tucks eh? Very addicting! I am sorry to hear of all your troubles. Keeping you in my prayers.. big hugs