Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sometimes. Things work out...

Well I haven't caved or backed down and let DAvid move back in. contrary to popular belief...I am tired though and slightly depressed. 15 years is a long time. I am working full time hours now, which is extremely exhausting! The kids spend the nights with mom so they arent home alone. Last weekend was uncle Owen's funeral and wake. all of the aunts were there. it was drama as usual but hey, thats what families are for. I haven't done much stitching lately. Ive been reading alot. i think ive read about 4 books a week..more if the book is really good!! so if anyone has any books they need to find a home for..ive read everything ive got!! and ill read anything!! (IM not joking!!) My friend Sandy sent me a package of stitchy stuff to stitch. Thanks San for the VAlentine card and package. I love you bunches! Mom is doing better. her knee is very sore and tender but she is doing well with the range of motion and walking. Kyle has been staying with her during the weekends to help her out. Heather has started softball practice..nightly until 6pm. ugh. my little social butterfly. Thanks everyone for your support and kind words. Im sure things will be just fine and everything will work out for the best. hugs, mel

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