Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wow! my computer let me update!!!

Yes, i realize it has been two months and some days. I have a piece of junk for a computer, and i live in the boonies and have to survive on dial up..oh the injustice! We had a nice Thanksgiving. I cooked dinner at home this year. Christmas was good! I got a mess load of purses and bags from my dad and step mom, (i now can swap purses on a daily basis if i like!) It poured down rain like crazy the week before christmas, Flomaton flooded and once again, we got lucky. just some puddles in the yard (and the inability to flush the commode for a few days)Christmas day was family and my sister and her children came for dinner. 11 people in a house where the commode wouldnt flush..boy oh boy that was fun..Ive been working alot of hours lately and every time they call for me to cover someone..i go in..cant turn that down. Tomorrow is my dad's birthday. i was supposed to go over there tomorrow but have to work. I hope he has a good one! Lets see..critter updates. we now have ANOTHER member of the fur baby family. Bella...a maltese/pomperanian. rotten to the core. and going through puppy uglies right now. Piper is still the ugliest dog you will ever meet. Willow is getting fat..she needs more exercise ( her version of exercise is to kill the squeaky toys and takeall the stuffing out of them) Mindy is the good dog. she comes in and sleeps at night but as soon as someone gets up she is at the door wanting out. Kyle built her a dog house and put it under the patio and she loves it. Charlie, the stray cat is still hanging out and trying to get in the house every oppurtunity he gets. he swears he lives inside. he keeps trying to convince us. Tigger is getting old. she will be 8 years old this year. fat, happy and content. typical cat. Sammi is just rotten. he has a system worked out with the dogs..he gets on the counter and if there is anything good...he knocks it down to share with them..
Now..the unfur babies....Heather finished volleyball and went straight into were taken last week so ill post them when i get them. Basketball is almost over and softball begins...well softball practice begins. she's our little athlete.. Kyle, he's a good kid. very helpful around the house. Into the Simpsons and going to AWANA at church. He has been spending some time with mom at her house (he has a big bed and a tv all to himself there)
Ive been stitching alot...(crappy computer = lots of extra stitchy time) right now my computer wont let me post pictures but ill update soon at mom's house and add pictures. I delivered tons of beautiful stitched items to the nursing home for christmas. hopefully i can post pics of those soon as well. They loved all the items! I took some pictures but have to see if i can post them (privacy act and all) The ladies in the activities department couldnt believe all the work that was put into the cards and they couldnt understand how anyone would want to part with such beautiful items. My grandpa got married..its a lovely thing to be 84 and find someone you want to spend the rest of your days with. they are both widowers and they adore each other. Well hopefully my computer will be nice and let me add this post!! Happy New Year to everyone...I will try to stay updated....!! hugs! lotsoflove!

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