Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My first charity square..and remembrance...

I finished my first quilt square for WOCS using Sanman's Rose chart and changing the colors to shades of purple..I think it turned out nice..different,but nice. I also finished sanman's sunflower snowflakes..(Night shift=lots of time to stitch between rounds)...I used DMC on both pieces.Kyle leaves for camp for 3 days tomorrow morning. Heather is going to go spend a couple days with mom..Its a pretty rough time for mom now, this time last year we lost loved ones and mom is reliving the time..I miss my grandma. She was a very strong, stubborn woman. She was my mom's best friend..It wasnt always that way, grandma didnt always realize just how wonderful momma is..but the past 9-10 years she has and mom has always been there, so when she passed, mom was lonely and lost..i imagine its very hard for mom, she lost her mom one week and then, as a mom, lost her daughter the next. bad month. bad memories..I try to cheer her up, try to make her smile, its hard. I miss my sister. we didnt always see eye to eye (very rarely in fact) but she was strong and a good person. ev was sometimes rough around the edges but she was my sister. we have been through alot together. If i needed to fight with or argue with someone..she always abliged!!! but we loved each other. I miss you Grandma and Evelyn. You both are in my heart...

Rose quilt square for WOCS
Sanman WOCS rose quilt square

Sanman originals Sunflower snowflakes
sanman sunflower snowflakes

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