Sunday, July 26, 2009

Update. and some finishes

This week has been rough. Night shift is kicking my butt! I finally finished my charity quilt square for Corey for WOCS He wanted spongebob so i did spongebob..he took me a little over two weeks to finish him but he turned out nicely. I also finished a sanman tuck Say can you sea. I used DMC on both pieces (except for spongebob's skirt) I finished a bunch of cards as well, using pieces of my cross stitch. Most of the cards except for two are sanman originals..Heather had volleyball camp this week. she enjoyed herself.. right now she is at Jennys again. Im so glad that she and emily are so close. sure, they argue and fuss at times but its nice that she gets to "grow up" with her cousins. Kyle is going to go spend a couple days with mom tomorrow. He loves spending time over at her house..(he gets a room and tv all to himself...One bad thing about living in the country..People dropping thier animals off. This weekend we have acquired two lab gold and one black..cute little boogers..and i went to go do a load of laundry in my messy garage and thought i saw a rat...hehe..turned out to be three little orange and white kittens about 4 weeks old..mama is a stray that had adopted us. we also have charlie (he is white and black) he has a little black mustache like charlie chaplin..hence the name charlie..people just keep dropping animals off here in my yard..(we live in the corner in the boonies) im trying to find homes for the puppies..dont really want to take them to the shelter..but we shall see...I love youall!!!

Spongebob for Corey (WOCS)

Sanman Say can you sea
sanman say can you sea

My cards that I made...

big valentine

Birthday card

birthday card

Christmas cards

christmas cards

More christmas cards

Flake cards

Misc cards

misc cards

Small Valentines
small valentines

Sanman smile card
smile card

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Nancy said...

Your card finishes are fantastic! I should pair up with a girl at work who is a crazy scrapbooker!!