Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just random stuff!!

ok, so I have been saying i was going to share some pictures of my salt and pepper collection, the ugly puppy and heathers softball picture....Ive done some stitching and ill post them too...Ive been working in social services this week and for the rest of the month as well...I like it.I get to take people to dr. appointments and help the restorative aid in the dining room with drinks and trays.. i have tons of salt and pepper shakers and FINALLY got all my shelves up so i can put them out.the top shelves are two set deep...salt and peppers

Here is Piper..named from the show charmed...we have Willow from Buffy and now Piper from charmed..she is sooo ugly she's cute..she is a long haired dachsund and is going through the uglies...she was a freecycle puppy...Piper
boy im ugly

During April we went to the Turtle point environmental center with my niece Alexis, Heather and not slow getting pictures up am I???

spring break

Heather got her softball pictures done and of late posting them as well...she is getting so big so fast!!!
heathers softball picture

My babies being lazy...up all night...sleep all day!!!
being lazy

Ive been stitching tooo:
Samsarah Pearl "Nevermore" used cresent colors

samarah Nevermore

Samsarah Pearl "High Spirits" used crescent colors

samsarah perle High spirits

Samsarah Pearl "Dad" used weeks dye works

samsarah  dad

Samsarah Pearl "Mom" used weeks dye works

samsarah mom

Samsarah Pearl "Smile!" used weeks dye works

samsarah perle Smile

Benediction..used the threads in the kit..


I got these really neat metal forms that you stitch are some of the earrings that i did.. I used weeks dye works on the pumpkins and SSS on the ghosts..

pumpkin earrings

ghost earrings

Sanman butterfly frame..used Weeks dye works and the frame included in the kit

sanman butterfly frame

Sanman Berry Tuck..used DMC and the threads included in the kit
sanman Berry tuck

Sanman Month of May SAL Ive used SSS on this SAL here are the third square and the finished project..the colors are really soft and the scanner doesnt do it any justice!!!

may sal block 3
sanman SAL block 4

Well This was a picture full post!! hope you all are well!! love you all, mel


Nanbon44 said...

Piper wins the UGLY PUPPY award, Roxy looked like an Ewok, Piper looks like a Gremlin after they transformed. But remember, the ugly duckling turns into the beautiful swan (we can keep our fingers crossed on that one hehehe.) All you stitching is so pretty.

Rachel S said...

Piper is adorable! Those sweet eyes!