Friday, February 6, 2009

Well, another week has gone work work..My grandma fell and broke her wrist and had to have surgery. My mom is having surgery on her neck next blood pressure has been acting crazy for the past two days..migraines along with it.ugh. i ended up in a ditch yesterday. thank god i wasnt speeding, my tires just hit some of the gravel on the road and i damage to the car and i was able to just drive out of it!! someone up there was watching over me..the ditch was straight down, i just knew i was gonna flip...but i didnt!! Heather made the VARSITY softball baby who is only in the 7th grade made the varsity team...not a common thing here.. shes very proud as we are but kind of scared at the same is work..i work in the laundry again this weekend..3-11 both sat and sun..i finished another today...sanman Grin and Share it...used Weeks dye works...i love you all..

sanman grin and share it

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