Friday, February 6, 2009 i havent been around...

I have been working and been stitching and on book 4 of the Twilight are my stitches ive done since my last update....
Sanman Flake done in SSS blue.
sanman flake stamp in blue

Sanman Flake done in SSS pink
sanman Flake stamp in pink

Sanman Ginger house used week's dyeworks
sanman Ginger House

Sanman Happy Jolly used charted DMC

sanman Happy Jolly

Sanman Share your smile..used DMC
sanman share your smile

Sanman With your nose so bright..used SSS
sanman with your nose so bright

Sanman Let it snow towel..used SSS
sanman let it snow towel

Zebra kit used threads in kit
Zebra kit

sanman Putt Putt Vroom..used DMC
sanman putt putt vroom blue

sanman Putt Putt Vroom used DMC (material is yellow but didnt scan well)
sanman putt putt vroom yellow

Sanman What every heart seeks used SSS

sanman what every heart seeks

These are my recent finishes...sorry bout the long post!!!! I love you all!!

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