Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My finishes from yesterday and today

I tried to post last night but my computer was not agreeing with me..and my children wanted to play on the computer..:) I finished two sanman originals yesterday (monday) used SSS on both of them...They are valentine itty bitty's #1 and #2. I finished my church today..Its name is actually spring blossoms and its an older kit from jiffy stitchery..i used the Perle threads that were in the kit. I love you all..had today off and didnt get out of bed until 11am..i have to work in the beauty shop at work tomorrow..i hate the beauty shop.ugh..well goodnight!!

sanman itty bitty valentine 1

sanman itty bitty valentine 2

Kit..country church


Tonya said...

I love all three!!!!! You are soooooooo on fire!!!!! big big hugs

Nancy said...

Cute finishes and nice little embelishments too!