Sunday, January 18, 2009

My weekend...

Yesterday (saturday) i got up went to the store and then did laundry..worked on my cross stitch at the laundrymat and then went to work in the laundry at work from 3-11 last night. Today was daddy's birthday we got him some memory foam house shoes and some cashews and went to Captain D's for a birthday lunch. came home and finished my project for today... I didnt get to post my project for yesterday so here are my two finishes for the weekend... Im going to get off the computer..Bonnie gave me some computer games to load on the computer for the kids so they are standing behind me wanting to play them!! I love you all...mel

Sanman originals June 08 calendar freebie..

Sanman june 08 calendar freebie

Sanman originals itty bitty valentine #4

Sanman itty bitty valentine #4

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Tonya said...

Awesome stitching! You are on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't decide whether to read or stitch!!!!!!!!!! Although I know I am getting the UFO's done, so that is inspiring. I can read before bed anyway too!!! I hope you had a wonderful Tues! Talk to you soon!!!

big big hugs