Saturday, January 10, 2009

Man, Im tired!!!!

got up this morning at 715, took a bath and read some of the book Twilight..just about done with it...i made breakfast (waffles) for 4 children. dropped laundry off at the laundry mat. went to to work and fixed a headband( hotglued fake flowers) for a resident and then took one of my sweet ladies to Milton to another nursing home so that she could visit with two of her friends that live there. finished another small stitch..and read some back to work at 3pm and called bingo. left at 415pm went and got gas. went to grocery store and picked up the laundry. came home, picked up 4 children and went to walmart..( very daring) got the stuff for kyles solar system project. went to the sports supply store where my darling daughter spent her giftcard on yet another pair of shoes..heather and her shoes..i swear!!! came home, changed clothes and started making eggrolls...homemade from scratch..yummmmmmmyyy!!!! now im falling asleep in front of the computer..gonna go to bed in just a few...heres my stitchy for today!! I love you all...
snow season

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Nancy said...

Cute finish! I was tired reading about your day. We were snowed in so I didn't do a thing but stitch yesterday. Looks like today will be the same!