Friday, January 9, 2009

Another week gone...

I have to work for the next 4 weekends..this weekend in activities..tomorrow i get to take one of our ladies to Milton to a nursing home there to visit with two of her friends that live there..i got trained to drive the nursing home's van this more responsibility...and hours are possible..yay me.. I started reading Twilight and just about finished it already..pretty good book..heather wants to see the movie again..we have two extra kids here this weekend..heathers friend paige and kyles friend james..(im kinda glad i hafta work!!) i finished another stitchy thing..a cute little snowman freebie from a french site..not sure which one..i used weeks dye works for the threads..and im just about finished with another small freebie that ive working on a big project in between all the little ones..a dimensions kit i got for christmas..roses in a crystal vase..its on black fabric but its gonna be pretty...I love you all. mel

snowman freebie

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Nancy said...

Cute little guy, are you going to make it an ornie? If you plan on making more this year, you should join our Ornament group on Multiply. No deadlines, no pressure, just a group to keep you motivated to get those done all year and not have a stressed end of the year trying to get them done.