Tuesday, January 13, 2009

just stuff...

Ive finished reading the first book in the Twilight series..started book two...had a long weekend..two kids over..said that already though..i finished two more small things..my goal is to finish a smaller stitchy thing in between working on my big projects...(got a few going right now) i made a cool arts and crafts thing for one of my residents at work..it is his and his wife's anniversary on thursday and he asked me if i could make her something...i made her a matching bracelet and earring set for christmas so he wanted something different...sooo i got creative. i took a wine bottle..washed it out, took off the label and wrapped it in embroidery thread.(which i have a bunch of thanks to dad and bonnie!!!) it came out cool!! hes going to give it to her with a couple of flowers in it for a vase..i will take a picture of it at work tomorrow as my camera batteries are caput....well here are my stitchy things..its past my bedtime...and i think im getting sick again...I love you all...mel
I did this one yesterday using six strand sweets threads..
 San man twisty twirly summer

And i did this one today using Week's dye works threads...
sanman Holy Night

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