Sunday, December 21, 2008

another week gone by...

Seems the days go by too fast. I worked last weekend so i hads tuesday off. I went to dads and bonnies and helped bake cookies...LOTS of cookies!! its been like summer here all week and now after a week of the weather bein in the 70's its gonna be in the 30's again tonight...go figure!!friday we had our party for the residents at should have seen all the gifts and the smiles!! they look forward to it every year!!!Friday night i picked up two of kyles friends, dropped heather off at her dance and proceeded to walmart with THREE boys...oh what joy what fun that was!! the kids got money from great grandpa rainey and had to go spend it..heather wanted a pair of sneakers and a comforter for her bed so that is what she lots of "TECH DECKS" (little tiny skateboards for his fingers)I baked more cookies saturday and took the kids christmas light looking saturday night. My computer has been down for about a we went and visited with grandpa rainey. hes so lonely. we only stayed about an hour...he kept falling asleep!! on the way home i went and bought a new mouse for the computer..yay me! well i keep hoping to get pictures up..maybe later tonight! love ya all!!

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