Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wow..another year gone...

Seems like time is just flying! The day before christmas eve we had yet another adventure with our Money Pitt...Thankfully the weather has been warm..we lost power in half of the house..checked the breakers etc..so i had to call an electrician. he came, couldnt figure it out..blew up my satellite receiver and took all of the outlets out of the wall to check them..had to call his boss to come out and look..Bear in mind when we bought this LOVELY home of ours there were supposed to be inspections done..we were told that the house was converted from fuses to breakers and that the fuse box in our room was a dead box..HA! not!! half of the house is on breakers the other is on fuses..go figure that one out..needless to say..i was highly upset. BUT after 4 hours we replaced 3 fuses and lo and behold..we have power..Went to Dads and Bonnies christmas eve. It was nice. we all got very spoiled! i got 50 sets of salt and pepper shakers and TONS of cross stitch stash! Kyle got his mighty beans, and his baseball cards...all 5 thousand of them!!! Heather got her "Twilight" stuff posters and Cd and she got her darn shoes so she was happy! I tried to smuggle bonnies new baby out the door but got caught!! hes so cute! and Willow would just love him to death!!! I will try and get some pictures posted later on this week. i dont feel good and im going to take kyle to the hospital to see if he has a urinary tract infection..hope everyone had a nice christmas (or whatever else you may celebrate!!)

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