Monday, December 1, 2008

Another day...

Ok, So i finished two more stitchy pieces...Both of course are Sanman originals. I have been working a lot lately, getting hours wherever i can. i worked again in the laundry at work this past weekend. Heat is still gone in the house but our space heater works great..hey...its the little itty bitty victorys..we have a warm living room and bathroom. (where we spend most of our time anyways..) Its depressing though. every time i think we are starting to get back into the even flow of things..something else BIG breaks. we have had this stupid house for going on two years now and in this past year...everything that could possibly go wrong of course has!! and im not exactly married to mr fix it...he is not electrically inclined at all. The kids want bikes for christmas. not really expensive ones but thats pretty much probably gonna be it. its depressing. I got a bunch of snowmen stuff from dad and bonnie!! two teapots,salt and pepper shakers, a necklace.and more outside decorations! ill have to take a picture of the outside of the house with my snowman and my teddy bear blow ups. they are so cool!!well, i hope everyone has a great week and had a great thanksgiving!! SMooches...mel
smo Winter DazzleSMO Candy cane seeds

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Tonya said...

Both stitching pieces look awesome! As usual.

I wish you lived closer, my inlaws friend about a half hour away gives bikes to people. I wish I could ship some to you! Darn it!

You all have been in my prayers!

big big hugs