Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving.

Though times are hectic and my life just cant seem to go smoothly for more than a day at a time without incident.Im thankful. I have four great parents a husband who cooks dinner every night AND cleans up after himself, two very rotten (but i love them anyhow) children. so what if we have to sleep under three blankets and use a space heater until we can save up money. at least we have a roof over our heads, food in the cupboards and jobs that we (haha) love...:) Heather has spent the week with aunt jenny and is at moms house tonight, ill pick her up after i get off work tomorrow morning. Im working again this weekend in the laundry at work..hey gotta take the hours when they are that we need a new heater motor i really cant turn them down. We had thanksgiving dinner at work today. Dad and bonnie were originally going to come here for dinner but i had to work so David and Kyle came to work and ate with me.i got a ham from my work so david came home and baked it so we have munchy food this tired..ive been working just about straight days for the past month..yeh, some of my days are only 3 hours but its still work..ive been stitching and kyle has been busy making christmas presents for his nanas and grandpas..homemade is always best and the things this child comes up with...well lets just say, they will get smiles out of the grandparents..kyle is definately an imaginative child. He is a good kid too...they have an "angel tree" program here where people pick names of needy children and get them a gift.. one of the people from the local freecycle group saw my offer of pokemon cards from a year ago and emailed me..unfortunately kyle no longer has those cards but he did tell me to let the man know that he has yugioh cards that he would pass to someone who doesnt have a lot. he makes me proud. heather has too. she went through all of her school uniforms (alabama schools all wear uniforms) and the ones that dont fit she donated to the uniform drive they were having at school..every once in a while, they amaze uncle had his surgery. hes still in the hospital and still needs tons of prayers. well im gonna head off to bed. Hope everyone had a great day and lots of turkey! love you all...

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