Wednesday, October 15, 2008

just an update(once again)..gee I need a new title...

My week so far...lets seee...not boring. thats for sure. Saturday i went and cleaned moms carpets and then came home and cleaned some here..(not carpets, just mess)..Sunday went to dad and bonnies and we went to the Saint Rosa Lima Festival to big lots and out for ice cream, they loaded my car down with stuff for our yard sale that we are having this coming saturday. Monday ahh not to bad as days go, though i must say i have to remind myself sometimes why i love my job...(yes another nursing home story) I have one little lady who never holds back what she has to say...Monday i feel a tug on my shirt from behind and she says and i quote "you know, if you do some push ups and sit ups they will help you lose some of your butt(but used the OTHER word)." to which i replied..."I love you too" to which she replied with all the sincerity she could muster " I didn't say i didnt love you, I said you had a big butt"....gee, i feel so loved...Tuesday, Heather was sick, I was chasing down the dog and my darling son had left a sleeve to his jacket laying on the floor...Mel went flying, like on the cartoons when they show someone flying in the air on a banana peel and landing on their back..that was me..My back and my shoulder are killing me...THEN my son, who normally has more sense than not, was sitting in the living room, i was stitching and just getting into "HOUSE" when i hear a POP and a scream and i look up and kyle is holding his face and right eye..i thought o god, he cut himself....nope, i have a pair of pinking shears with a safety lock on them, (that he decided to see if he could open without opening the safey latch) the latch broke and the plastic piece flew up and hit him in the eye...i spent my evening in the emergency room...No damage thank the lord, but he bruised the lower eyelid and just a little inside his eye...only kyle...TUK the ugly is actually starting to be cuter, Rascal is rotten, willow is, well willow (not enough space to go there)...I finished two more halloweeny stitchy thingys...i thought they were cute...hope all is good. mel

SMO POOFSMO One size fits all


Sonda in OR said...

That's a cute little stitched piece. Haven't checked in for your little nursing home stories. Older folks are my favorite patients to take care of and it never ceases to amaze me how much they know or how different they can be from what we think of as "old people".

Tonya said...

Keep up the good stitching! I didn't leave the link for my blog? Goodness if I had a head attached I would be dangerous!!!! I have finished two more SMO's hehehe!!!

Have a great day and I hope work is good ;)

big hugs