Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just an update

Its been a while sinc i felt like running my mouth so to speak...Its been a busy couple of weeks. Been hanging out with mom on saturdays and Dad and Bonnie on sundays. Bonnie is making me a "Gone with the Wind" dress for halloween for me wear to work. Heather and kyle are having a "party" (more or less a get together to watch halloween movies and eat junk food)...Ive actually finished a few small cross stitch things...4 of them..yay me. Ive been kind of down and out but my weekends tend to pull me up. we have turned into the "drop your critters on our door" house of the neighborhood. I have been "doctoring" one of the kitties that was dropped off...shes so sweet. but it looks like another cat got her or a dog..she has a little hole on her side ive been trying to get healed on her...the little kitten (the one i was dropper feeding) has got his teeth in and is now eating kitten food we named him "TUK" for "the ugly kitty"....heheh. hes so ugly hes cute. work has been work. nothing too exciting there.smo Dont worry Boo happySMO kitty majicsanta ornierocking horse ornie
hope everyoneis well...mel

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