Monday, November 10, 2008

Its been a long couple of weeks...

Ive been working as many extra hours as possible (being as I havent even STARTED christmas shopping..) so ive been working on the weekends 3-11 in the laundry at work..not too hard there,wash, dry and fold..about 20 loads a shift!!! The state of Florida FINALLY did my background check and issued my CNA license..its only been since the end of July!!! (they lost my fingerprints and then the computer lost them...long story) My stepmom finished my halloween costume and It turned out very pretty! I sat under a hair dryer for 2 hours putting curls in my hair, let me tell you, wearing a hoop skirt to a nursing home for 8 hours was definately an adventure but the old people loved it and i actually looked nice..ill post pictures when this slow as molasses computer lets me!! I did finish two more halloween pieces, both San Man Originals (of course) and i (of course) used Six Strand Sweets..i love the colors!! I have also finished two Autumn ones but havent (due to the whole slow as molasses thing again) uploaded they will be in my next post with a picture of me in my southern belle dress and my head full of curls!! Kyle got his report card and once again made the A-B Honor roll. Heather gets hers in another couple weeks...hopefully she brings up her grades from her progress report!!!There is no school tomorrow..yay, just what i want to do, stay home with two very crappy attitudes!!(maybe they will sleep all day)gee, i can only hope!!here are my two halloween finishes...even if they are a week late!! Frankenstein didnt scan well due to the big bead (his head) but i loved how sign language turned out.
SMO sign language
SMO frankenstein

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Tonya said...

I can't wait to see your Halloween pictures!!! Great job on both of the Halloween stitches. Keep em coming!!!

Happy Veteran's Day. Hey don't you have three kids??? I am lost!