Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ugh. what a day!

I have bones and joints that I forgot I had, aching tonight! I worked in the beauty shop today at work. If its bootie is numb!!! :) Im soooo ready for that Mudslide that is sitting in the fridge calling my name!! Bones is a two hour one what if its a rerun..I love that show...The kitties are getting big, all of their eyes are open and they are walking, i mean stumbling about like a little bunch of drunks!! Heather and i gave a couple of them nicknames..the littlest one is grey and has these huge dark eyes..his name is "mouse"...The big rotten orange one..well he is Rosco!! :) Then there is Tidbit, brat and mocha...see we are soooo creative.. Mindy (the husky) thinks they are her babies and lays by the blanket and just watches them. crazy dog...Heather and kyle are liking school. Football season has started and the games start (god willing) on friday...though it looks as though we are going to have a visitor in the form of Hurricane Gustov..yay us...My baby sister Jessica mailed kyle 4 huge boxes of about a kid in clothing heaven! He fit into most of the shorts and all of the shirts but i ended up giving two boxes of them to a girl at work (bigger sizes) My other sister Lisa is in England now, her husband is stationed there (hes in the Air force) I envy her!! I wish i could go back!! My grandma is going to be here the 10th of september for my niece Emily's Bat Mitsvah (sp) wow, Cant believe that Em is 13 already. And looks just like Jenny!! The kids are antsy for october to come...they are already trying to plan a Halloween party...Kyle bought a rubber rat (hes a boy, what can i say) and the damn dog,willow the weinee dog decided she wanted I had to go buy the stupid dog a rubber squeakie rat...Only our animals..thats all i can say! well, im gonna go take a shower, drink my mudslide and go watch Bones!! hugs!!

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Rachel Coleman-Frazier said...

I hope you enjoyed your drink, Mel. There's always tomorrow, right?!

Love you, Rach