Friday, August 29, 2008

Aaaah peace and quiet!!!

For a little bit anyways...David took the kids to the first football game of the season,They were so happy..and Heather changed outfits 3 times before leaving!!!Its a not so good day. Im just so tired. I talked to my brother in law today,The kids are doing good. Alexis started school and she likes it...Loves the dress my mom made her.Larry says Jordan is Hell on wheels! I talked to our friend Kelly today, she is doing better and was just calling to check on me. My baby sister Jen's birthday is today..I "sang" to her on her blog...She had just got home when i called her, lucky thing, got to go to Red Lobster today for her birthday. I love that place!!My darling son did something to my other minute it was working...the next It says something about try another frequency...I havent got a freakin clue. My zoo is doing good..the babies are running all around the living room now, and Mindy the husky swears they are her babies...gee Mindy..kind of a different species baby!!! Today I cross trained in yet another aspect of the nursinghome....HOUSEKEEPING...hey, Its job security, Ill be able to work anywhere the rate im all i need to learn is the kitchen..And the most wonderful thing I had to do today..Drumroll anyone??? I had to climb into the house through the bathroom window....Imagine if you can..A window lets say, oh about 7 feet off of the ground...vizualize now...mel in her scrub uniform pushing the trampoline up against the back of the house,then placing a bar stool on TOP of the trampoline and having to crawl in head first doing a sideways bend to squeeze my big ol butt through the window so i can put one foot on the toilet so i could get into the house..where I left my house key hismorning....yep. thats my life..thrilling as it is.... .We have a hurricane headed this way. I hate hurricanes, but hey, at least im in a house this time and not a trailer. maybe Gustov will lose his GUSTO and fizzle out...One can only hope....anyways...I love You, Jenny, Lisa, Necie, and Jess though I may not say it often enough..I hope you know it...I miss you Ev.

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Nanbon44 said...

For your birthday, You were supposed to go to Red Lobster and the flea market in Mobile, but Heather got sick, remember. You still have a lunch waiting for you when ever you are able to go.
Love Ya
Dad and Bonnie