Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hey Mel, what did YOU do today????

Hehe...NOT A DARN thing!! I took tylenol PM last night and didnt get outa bed til my mama called me at 11:00 today..yes folks, 11:00...guess I needed some sleep...My inside of my leg is a beautiful shade of purple and blue...I bruised the heck out of myself breakin into my house yesterday..and ohhh does it hurt. Picked up kyles friend Aaron to spend the night. Made tacos for dinner and played with programs on my computer..I made some scrapbook pages on the computer and even played with my slide show program (that i didnt even know I had)...lazy day...David has been watching football with Heather most of the day. Not much has been goin on around here today. Looks like were in for some rain starting tomorrow..I just hope Gustov doesnt change its course and heads our way..

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