Monday, August 18, 2008

National Hippie Day...

I had to wear bell-bottoms and flowers in my hair today at work...The residents enjoyed it even though i looked like a complete idiot!! Yes daddy, Im still around. Im sorry I haven't been out to see you. I do love you though, I hope you know how much. Today was one of those days I didn't really even want to get out of bed, you know the ones where you roll over, look at the clock and stick your head back under the pillow? Its been a weepy kinda day, seems every time i pull something either out of my closet or out of the craft closet or off the book shelf...evelyn is there. I swear I think i have more pictures of her...and things she gave me or cards she sent me..I miss my sister. I just still cant believe shes gone and I wont get to listen to her complain anymore (she was good at complaining)...Im just so tired. and I have no energy to do anything..I got off of work at 11:15 and came home and went to bed until 3:00...really energetic huh? Kyles wrist is still sore but I dont think its broken...hes been playing on the computer just fine!!! i wrapped it and he is doing alright with it wrapped up. OMG!! I just saw the most amazing spectical...hehe..HEATHER, my daughter just came out of her room with her books and said she is going to STUDY for the tests tomorrow!!! *anyone who knows heather knows this is a major event!!!*:) I think I about had a stroke!! I hope everyone had a good day!

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Rachel Coleman-Frazier said...

Aw Mel, I can imagine you'll have good and bad days for a LONG time.

Love you :(