Sunday, August 17, 2008

One day at a time

Thats what i keep repeating to myself...just take it one day at a time...I took the kids to Grandpa Rainey's yesterday and Aunt Cathy and I took them to the river to play for a while..It rained!! but no thunder or lightening so the rain didnt faze them one little bit. Kyle fell off a swing yesterday and i think he sprained his wrist. I have it wrapped up and told him if it still hurts tomorrow after school, then i will take him to get it x-rayed to make sure he doesnt have a hairline fracture...Never a dull moment..Grandpa's house smells like grandma..Her presence is everywhere, I half expected her to come out of the laundry room and ask me to get her a candy bar. I miss my grandma. Grandpa has turned into a worrier..Says I need to visit him more and bring Kyle--he adores kyle, always has...Its just so hard being there, not knowing how to act or what to say...grandma was always the conversation starter. Its just so hard... The kittens have eyes now! sooo of them doesnt have but one eye open...i have started calling him Winky..hes so cute.Oh I found a bargain today too! Heather and I went to CVS to get a lunchbox for school, when the lady rang it up..the 9.00 lunch box was 1.98!!! *so I ended up picking up a for her, Kyle and for David, plus an "extra" because we usually end up having to buy more by the end of the year...4 lunch boxes for the price of one...Yay me...gee who said it takes alot to get me happy? :)


tc said...

happy to see your still in the area, haven't heard from you!

Rachel Coleman-Frazier said...

Yeh Mel, in the end, it IS the little things that ultimately matter.

Love you