Sunday, August 3, 2008

some thoughts

Unlike my sister jenny, i dont have the talents to do slide shows to honor the memories of the people we have lost this summer. I wish i did. I do have a picture i want to share with everyone far back as i can remember i nagged and bugged my grandma about taking a "generation" picture with her, my mom, me and my daughter...we finally did July 4th 2008 during the last lucid days she had on this earth.

Ill miss my grandma but i will miss my sister more. My grandma had a long life and was ready. my sister was young and i dont think any of us were ready...At least i got to say goodbye to my grandma. slowly my heart will heal, im sure. as in most things, this will take time. Im still a bit numb and i imagine in shock about my sister.i dont think ill ever fully "get over it". I hope to return to my stitching sometime soon. school starts back on wednesday and the kids are excited. i finished another book today. and started another...I hope everyone is doing well..hugs, mel


Rachel said...

Wow, Mel. I don't think I've seen your Mom in like 18 years (since I was in England with you)! It's great that you got that picture taken when you did. Hopefully, with school starting, it will be a nice break for everyone.

Love, Rach

Rachel Coleman-Frazier said...

Mel, I started a blog too (FYI)