Monday, August 4, 2008

Just some random memories..

Sometimes its fun to just remember. My cousin rachel got me thinking about when we were younger. We were all very close when we were younger, my sisters and my cousins Rachel and Jenny. somehow the years and the distance got between us all. something I regret. I will try to build on relationships with my family we have all missed out on so much of each other's lives. I remember so many things from our close days!

Rachel, my sister Lisa and I freaked out my sisters jenny and denice, (i think we were about 12 years old..hehe Our grandparents have a huge back yard that bumps into a very large corn field...this was about the time children of the corn came to three older girls told the younger ones that the corn was parting..hehe and that there were voices.."cant you hear them?" needless to say...we were (though my parents couldnt stop laughing) told to stop picking on the little kids.

When we lived in Omaha, Rachel got to come spend the summer with us. Grandma coleman had bought me a pull over shirt (green and white checks with little pink flowers on it) Yeh rachie, i still remember....we all went to the lake and rachel got bad my mom had to CUT my shirt off of her!!! I was so mad! and i still remember the smell of that stupid spray on novocaine mom used on her!! what a summer that was. We must have spent close to 100 dollars on stickers!! (I STILL to this day have my sticker book!!!) LOL I dont think i throw anything away!!

All the time we got to spend with Grandma at Geneva Hills. God i loved that place, I remember going canoeing with grandma, mom and my cousin jenny...she stood up in the canoe and we all fell out!! we used to plunk on the piano by the kitchen where grandma cooked and the hayrides in the dark with our honorary uncle, our grandma's friend. Hanging out in grandpas basement, sitting at the bar "playing" like it was real and serving drinks and playing with the cash register and the summer rachel and i snuck on the cb radio grandpa had and were talking to truck drivers.

When Lisa, evelyn and I graduated from High school in England, my grandma came to England and brought Rachel with her...ohhhh the trouble her and Jess got into!! we got to go to the renaisance joust and dress up in costumes. Jess and rachel reallllly enjoyed the Ale..hehe. we had so much fun!

Its funny, once you remember one thing, all the "little" things flood back. I loved (and still do) birds when i was younger and grandma and i would sit for hours watching the birds. spending time with grandpa---he taught me how to make his summer sausage. Winnie the pooh..I loved reading the tiny collectible books of grandma's. Jenny teaching "the cousins" how to sign I love you. I was so proud! Going shopping with grandma at Lazurus and eating at the restaurant in the store, going to big bear to go buy Maypo cereal! Im sure i could go on and on but i wont put you all through an extended trip down memory lane!!

I just wanted to share some of the things Im sure have been forgotten by some. I love my family. And I will do my part in rebuilding relationships that have fallen by the wayside. I will be there for them when they need me.

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Rachel Coleman-Frazier said...

Oh Mel, this is PRECIOUS!! I cried through some of it. (I'm not usually emotional) Thank you for taking the time to write all of that out for us to enjoy!!

Signed, "Children of the Corn"