Saturday, August 2, 2008

Some days are better than others.

Today was an ok day.Im starting to feel a bit better. still in shock i guess, but sooner or later im sure that it will wear off. Heather and kyle start school on the 6th, they are excited about starting school and i cant say that i blame them much....its been a crappy summer for them.I was supposed to go out with my dad today but Heather wasnt feeling great. she has the sore throat i had last week. Went to mamas and helped her start getting her shop back in order. she is doing a bit better. The doctor started her on Celexa and she has an appointment with a grievance counselor next week. I hope it helps. I still dont feel like doing much. guess im a bit depressed. I havent cross stitched all summer i have however been reading books like crazy seems like one every two days....escaping my reality i imagine. but hey it works. My birthday was kinda crappy. but david tried. He made spagetti for dinner and brought me a bag of peanut butter m&ms (my weakness)...I did get a pretty ring. Mom, my sister lisa and david bought it for me..a ruby with pink saphires and four little tiny diamonds on the side of it..We have a pregant cat and (i think) a pregnant dog..the cat wasnt a wanted pregnancy but we tried to breed willow with a nother weenie dog...hopefully it took. other than that nothing much is going on...just trying to come down off the depression wagon. like i said before, i think im doing better and ive got some great friends on the net and here that are supportive. I love you all. mel

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Nancy said...

I can see you escaping through books, hopefully the stitching itch will return in time and become a close friend to you once again. Schools in MI can't start until after Labor Day, so it seems strange to hear it's starting already. I'm sure the kids are looking forward to a schedule and returning to *normal* after the summer they have experienced. (((((Mel))))