Saturday, May 17, 2008

HA!!! So much for me "doing better!!"

Can anyone say, HECTIC?? Well, thats what life has been since my last post, what 3 months ago?? I know, I know, i say ill do better and life gets in the way!!Since my last post...Heather turned 12, started softball and since then, well, thats what our lives revolve around. Whoever makes the schedules for these games needs to be hung up by their toes though...730pm games that dont end til 1030 on a school night!! what were they thinking? Davids dad and stepmom visite for a week in April, I wish it had been a better visit but we both had to work. its always nice to see them though. school gets out this thursday...ugh cant believe it!!! Lots of things have changed...Im BACK at the nursing home---working parttime in the activities department... I get to play all day..its fun though!! and lots less stress. I sold my first dress that i smocked and ive stitched up quite a few things so far this year i think there are 22...check out my webshots on the sidebar....Hey, has anyone ever seen the Movie "The Money pit???" hehe, i do believe that is my house!!! I miss all my "friends" on the net and i will strive to do better trying to keep up to date!!!! I hope this finds everyone well!! hugs, mel

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Meari said...

Welcome back to the blogging world, Mel. Sounds like you've been really busy!