Friday, February 1, 2008 I am!!!

It has been an eventful month so far...January 2008 has been very enlightening, frustrating and stressfull!!! I am officially unemployed..hehe..I was put on PRN (as needed) status..(I volunteered to help the new girl box up 35 filing cabinets worth of discharged residents files) The company is switching to off site storage and i couldnt find it in my heart to leave her stranded and not knowing what she was doing...(im such a nice person huh?) David got a raise. He was going to switch jobs but when he went to give his notice, his boss counter offered and (not one to like change) david decided to stay with the company he has been with for the past 22 years off and on. I had to unsub from most of my groups on yahoo..I just dont have a lot of time to be on the computer. I owe two exchanges to two ladies but not to worry, though they are late, they are boxed up and will be mailed out soon. I will be starting my transcriptions next week sometime. I have to get my computer set up to receive the voice mails so that i can access them so it will probably be wednesday. Tuesday is my Moms grand opening of her shop! they are going to have a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything. Im at her shop right now shop-sitting! I have been busy already stitching this year and have finished a few things. I have also started putting some of my "little" stitched pieces to use by making cards...go check them out..they are in my webshots in my other endeavors album. kyle even helped me make one. (he had to have a card after i had made Heather one) We had an adventure with the septic tank this the tune of 300.00 worth of adventure. very long story...whole other entry!! Im stressed, depressed and tired but have faith that the powers that be will cut me a break soon!! God has a way of making things work out...Hope everyone is doing well!! keep in touch!!

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