Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New year!!!! Finally

Yes, I have been absent. Life has been busy. I gave my notice at work and will be working from home doing medical transcription once again. I got tired of the bigots and back stabbers. I can work when i want and in my jammies if i so desire. Mom opened her storefront and i imagine i will be helping her out as well. I also put in an application at whataburger for part time night hours. so we will be ok. i have had three crafty finishes so far this year. two cross stitch and my sequin art dragon kit i got for christmas..the kids and i worked on him together. They are in my webshots albums finishes 2008 and my other endeavors album. We did alot of running about during the holidays and i took tons of working on uploading them into my webshots family pictures albums. when i get them all loaded ill post a link!! I had some sort of stomache virus last week but feel better now. The weather here is wild... 30 degrees one day and the next it is 78 degrees outside and the kids are wearing shorts!!! it has been like spring all week!! I promise to do better updating this year!! hope everyone is doing well!!! mel


monique said...

Congrats on the working from home!

The song on your blog is one of my favorites :)

Nancy said...

You have had a ton of finishes for 08! And oooohh to see 78 degrees again! Maybe in June! Congrats on being able to work at home. I may have to check out that transcription thing, do you have to have a certificate or anything?