Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You never know who reads your thoughts...

My mama said she thoroughly enjoyed reading my blog. That really made me feel good! Thank you for reading mom. I love you. (guess you should check your email more often huh????) 626 emails...shame on you..!! Not that youve been home enough lately to check them but I thought that one reminded me of Woody..I finished my T is for Thistle last night and think it came out really pretty. I love the fabric i used! Lotsa people are gonna get handmade gifties this year for christmas!! I went to moms last night and brought home 2 huge bags of clothes from my aunt. Lots of skirts--I get to dress like a girl now for all i need is some closed toed shoe size is 71/2-8 in ladies if anyone feels sorry for me!!! :) I also took mom a fall cube that I had made a while back for herwell gotta go "work" some more! hehe..heres a picture of my thistles..hope everyone has a great day!

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glenda said...

Very pretty colors in this one! I would love to help you out, but I am size 8 1/2 - and nothing for skirts.

What are skirts, again??? LOL!!