Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good moms go braless....hehehe

I realize Im a good parent. I realize this because of the events that took place wednesday night. Kyle, my son decided *gasp* that he wanted to go to church. .anyways..kyle said he wanted to go to church with his friend Aaron, they have Awanis (sp?) and he wanted to see if its something he wants to take part in. Now dont get me wrong, Im all about my children experiencing different cultures, religions and so on..so that is not the reason im a good mom..this is... I took kyle to Aarons house where they were going to get on the church bus, Aarons mom asked if he could ride the church bus home with kyle to my house because they were going to do food boxes...(thats what i understood anyways) I figured cool they were making food boxes for the needy. and said, sure go ahead he can lie down in kyles room until you get home.. They call me a few minutes later and ask if aaron can just spend the night because they were going to be late. I said fine. no problem, aaron can ride the bus to school with kyle...ok this is the "HEY melanie, clean your ears out" part...The kids get home from church. Aaron decides he wants mom and dad to pick him up and he is upset and wants to sleep in his own bed, being 9 years old once, i totally understand. so i call his moms cell phone and this is the reply i get " Well we are already out here in the woods putting out FOOD PLOTS" ok....yep, She is THAT much of a country person I thought they were doing food boxes...nope they were baiting the deer because deer hunting season is soon...Needless to say, Aaron was told either he spent the night or he was going to get a spanking and not be able to come back and spend the night friday.. sooo poor kid, crying went to bed. My son, being the observant person he is, made me feel good...he came out in the living room and hugged me and said "Thank you mom for being such a nice mom" and i asked him why he said that.."Because, If I was at Aarons and wanted to come home, you would have come and got me...(this is the clincher) even if it was midnight and you didnt have your bra on..." God I love my children!!! :)I hope you all have a great day!


glenda said...

poor aaron! I remember calling my mom to come get me a few times, and no matter what she was doing, she always came.

The bra comment is a complete riot!! What a wonderful son to let you know how much he appreciates (and understands LOL ) you.

wanda said...

I found your blog via Vonna's what a funny story!! It is one of those things you will always remember.

Marita said...

:grin: You have a wonderful son.

For the record I'd rather have you as my mum than Aarons mother.

Meari said...

...even if you didn't have a bra on... LOL!!!