Tuesday, September 18, 2007

See? I DIDNT fall off of the face of the earth....

Okay...lets see. Grandma is doing a bit better. she is going to be moved from ICU to PCU (progressive care unit) which is a good thing. she is sitting up in a chair and is eating a bit better. Momma is still stressed out though. Poor mom. Guess its the same for her when all of HER siblings are in a house together....drama drama drama. Cyndi, My son got his cards in the mail yesterday. Thank you thank you thank you.. He sent you out a note. The kids got a little package from auntie evelyn yesterday too. she sent them some camo pencils with their names on them. You would have thought she had sent them gold..oh well, im glad they get excited over little things..guess Im doing something right with them. I read my little sis's blog..(in one ear) she knows how to say things in ways I wish I could. Im glad she is happy. I have found a little bit of time to stitch and finished 4 things since sunday night... a bookmark for an exchange im in, and three more sanman quick finishes.. Our insurance company hasnt even mailed off the darn checks yet. I got "they will be mailed out on Thursday"...its been almost 4 weeks. Im stressed. And im tired of dealing with these people. ugh. well here are my finishes. I hope everyone has a better week than im having!!!

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glenda said...

Cute finishes! Insurance companies are such a pain in the.....!

Just remember, you are entitled to some stash shopping when the check finally gets to you :)