Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things that I have learned this year....And some things im thankful for...

Yes, Im copying my sister. nanananh... but she just has a way of making you think about things. Thanks Jenny Sue... :) Your sister loves you more than you think....

Ive learned that, no matter how small something is to someone else, it means the world to a 9 year old who has lost some of his most prized possessions.
Ive learned that having an 11 year old pre-pubescent child is NOT fun. Its like a roller coaster ride. there are ups and downs. Its amazing to see my baby growing up and blossoming (I swore i would NEVER use that word, blossoming)
I have beautiful sisters. Yes they are not always nice or easy to get along with but they are all beautiful.
I know why Jen is happy. She separates herself from the drama. I admire her. she is strong. I wish i could do that!!
Taking the kids to the football game on friday nights is "cool"...David and I have been told that we are awesome for this..(hey coming from a moody redhead, that is a compliment to cherish!!!)
Camoflauged pencils and a letter from a cousin makes for a good day. (so my children have said)
A hug and an "I love you mom" from your 9 year old doesnt necessarily mean he wants something...
That hug makes my day...
Hey jen, an 11 year old can have a shoe fetish can tell heather and em are cousins!!!
A baseball card is like gold to a boy, regardless of whether or not its a "good" card or not.
Floods bring family the living room close!!!
Insurance companies do not get in any hurry...
Some of the best friends I have, dont live anywhere near me... and some of them, Ive never met.
Chickens like pancakes...:) at least mine do!
It is perfectly fine to eat breakfast for dinner.
Sometimes there has to be "girl time without the boys"..
Im thankful my children are healthy (and for the most part happy:)
Ive learned that i dont "hate" my job...just dislike it at times.
An "I love you" and a hug from three 80 year old men every day starts the day off bright..
If you listen to the elderly, they can tell you the most wonderful stories.
No matter how old they get, the Naval Aviation museum is "cool"...
Its ok to take off for a day and just drive nowhere! ask the kids...

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Vonna said...

What a lovely made me cry :)
I try to always remember that Life is good no matter what your portion of it is. It's a gift and should be celebrated, every day! Your post says this in so many ways. Thanks for sharing :)