Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My finish and ta-da! news!!

Ok, so i finished my Home Sweet Home. he came out cute. I changed colors and added beads and sparkle to the sun. The adjuster came by last night and took pictures..we should be getting two checks this week..one for the damage and repairs and one for the damage to the personal belongings. they would not cover my thread or kyles baseball cards..according to the adjuster they dont have "value"...sooo ill just take some of the money they gave to replace the kid's books and go get a bit of thread...Kyle was a bit bummed but I have met some wonderful people on here who have sent or are sending cards to him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You just don't know!! they paid for the computer and the kids' game cube as well as dressers that stood in water. I just want the kids out of the living room and back in their own rooms!!! Well, here is my finish and ive got to go do some work! you all are great! mel


Vonna said...

Home sweet home is sweet :) Really cute!
So glad that you're getting some money from the adjusters.
I hope everthing gets back to normal soon!

glenda said...

I am so in love with this design. It is so cheerful I had to smile when I saw it! I'm glad the insurance is coming through although how floss and baseball cards lose value i will never figure out?????

monique said...

Threads don't have value?! That doesn't even make any sense, because you can give their retail price! (I understand that collectibles such as cards have arguable value, as far as insurance is concerned.) Sheesh- I'm all riled up for you now! Unfair!