Friday, August 24, 2007

Just a little, itty bitty, tiny happy dance.....

Yesterday evening through tomorrow is the open house at Needle delights My LNS. Kathy is awesome and the place is great!!! I ended up spending oh...just a few dollars!! :) I found some of the brittercup puppies and bought those charts as well as a few other little ones I bought some MORE week's (like i need more of it) and some of my gold plated needles! I also got a goodie bag!! full of stuff! It had three charts, fabric sample cuts (for small things and ornaments) a kit that Heather is going to learn how to do, some samples of specialty threads, and two place marking needles..I was so happy! Ill (of course) post pictures of all my goodies on monday! This weekend is going to be busy. Tonight the kids want to go to the football game at the school, we are going to have Paige (Im guessing she is going to claim us as her weekend family) again. Tomorrow the kids are going to work on painting some of the christmas ornaments that my stepmom got for them. busy hands are happy hands (my mom used to always say that to me) but she was usually referring to doing the dishes or folding laundry!!! tomorrow night they are going to church. we are new to this area and they have been invited to join a children's mission group (they volunteer in the community, sing at the nursing home, make care boxes for homeless people and visit shut ins) Though I dont really go to church that often, I told my kids it was their choice and they want to go. This will be good for them and they will meet people and be involved with the community. I dont go that often because I was made to go when i was younger. I wasnt given a choice. And the few times ive been lately was more like a social gathering than actual worshipping taking place with a lot of gossiping. Im sure ill find my "place" but for now ill observe.. Sunday is still open for now..but Im quite sure that will change as well!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend..Im gonna try my darndest (is that even a word) to finish that dragon this weekend!!!

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