Thursday, August 23, 2007

As the chicken feathers fly...and 3 small finishes!

What a day yesterday was. we have two husky puppies.. and they are way to big to stay in the house during the day so we have a kennel out back for them. well we added a "yard" to the kennel for them and they got smart and "climbed" the freakin fence. so I put them in the fenced in coop where we kept the chickens when they were babies..just for the day until we figured out how to make the fence better. They dug a hole and got out. yesterday i went home at lunch to check on them (after i had put them back in the pen) and they were gone again..and there were chicken feathers all over the yard..looked like someone had a pillow fight.. poor chickens. they didnt eat them. just chased the heck out of them and then plucked them. so i had two chickens and a rooster carnage in the yard and no darn dogs. i drove the neighborhood and called the shelter and even went to the neighbors twice (they like to visit them) but noone answered the door. about 400 yesterday the neighbors brought one of them home..the other still nope..but she is a beautiful dog and really friendly so someone probably just picked her up and took her home (she IS a husky) and im not really heartbroken---two big dogs is a bit much!!!needless to say "brandy" the one who came home is locked up in Heathers room for the day. which is probably what she wanted in the first come in and stay in during the day!! ugh. I did finish three small pieces all sanman originals. I love those designs! all from the secret shop. I actually am trying to use up some of my "scrap" pieces so i used Aida for two and a piece of silkweaver solo that i had a off-size piece of. they all came out cute (well at least i think so)!!


Christine H said...

Great finishes, and good luck with the pups, or should I say pup now?
I can imagine having two big dogs. One medium size is enough for me.

Anita said...

Cute stitching pieces. I am new to your blog, I saw the link at Meari's blog and came and looked.
I love the hand dyed floss the you sent her. I wonder how hard it is to make them. I don't mind trying a few colors. You have a great blog.

glenda said...

Gotta love them animals :)

I really like your finishes. I love the way you use the charms - that is something I would like to start doing.

Keep up those fantastic finishes!

Mindi said...

Cute finishes, love the penguin button on the winter one. Good luck with the dog/s, sounds like they're quite a handful.