Monday, August 20, 2007

Another drama filled weekend---well day

Saturday we decided to load the kids up and take a trip to Pensacola. We made a day of it went to the fleamarket, Hobby Lobby (I got some ribbon and some felt pieces)We went to World Market (got wine) and then went out to eat at Lone Star Steakhouse...I love their salad.. David decided that since we were there we might as well take the kids (we had an extra) Paige, Heather and Kyle to the beach. We went to Quietwater Beach at pensacola beach
and then went to the gulf side where kyle within 2 seconds of hitting the water was attacked by jellyfish! poor baby. He is fine now but got it good. Sunday we cleaned. I cleaned my craft/office room and the kids cleaned their rooms. took Paige home (had her since friday) and she wants to come back now..guess thats what happens when kids arent used to doing things with their families..she asked if she could move in! I did very little stitching this weekend. instead i finished some finishes..they are in my webshots under finished finishes...(I know, real original title) today is well, MONDAY. work again. I hate work. I like the money but hate having to do stuff to earn it!! (gosh I sound like my 9-year-old) I did get one itty bitty thing stitched up can see, it was very very hard!!! :)


glenda said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Your little finish is very cute and your 'finished' finishes are wonderful. Great job!

ron and sandy said...

Thank you for sharing your days with us. Is kyle still drawing? Can you take pictures of some of it? Like the x-stitch. We love and miss you, mom and dad

Cyndi said...

Jellyfish! (shudder) Poor guy. Cute little ornament!