Monday, August 27, 2007

I love my boring life!!!

Gee, I don't need excitement to make my day. just a few minutes to stitch and im happy. I caught up on all of the laundry this weekend. I do believe that every pair of socks that my children have were in the laundry---some still clean and matched..go figure... I finished two more small finishes this weekend. Sanman- Fly away home and SamSarah "BOO" boo picture didnt come out so good so ill post it tomorrow but here is the other..I used week's (of course) "ladybug" which i thought was fitting for the words and dmc for the rest. I started another sanman last night so maybe ill share that one tomorrow as well. Im going to my moms tonight-she is going to show me how to make christmas stockings. she has volunteered "we" and "we" are going to make some and send them overseas. Mondays. I hate mondays. reports and more reports, filing and more filing. David took the kids to the football game on friday I imagine this is going to become the "thing" to do on fridays in a small town, well you gotta expect it. The kids spent a lot of time doing crafts this weekend, painting ornaments and drawing. as well as being weird..they are good at being weird...see what i mean:::::

Dont ask...I have no clue....yesss that IS tinfoil on her teeth....
They even got the poor dog involved.. poor mindy..didnt have a chance!!!
Even david played along...(just to see if heather would get embarrassed) hehehe I think he was actually doing the cub scout sign...poor thing!!

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glenda said...

Your life sounds very busy to me! However do you find the time to get bored? I love the ladybug, such a cute design and charm. Keep up those finishes!!