Monday, October 8, 2012

a me update....finally

ok, so its been awhile...nothing new there huh?  i had my ankle surgery and it was a bit more involved than originally planned..he did an ankle reconstruction, shaved bone, repaired ligaments and created a new ankle bed for my ankle bone...i started therapy last week. im doing ok..sore and grumpy and ready to go back to work, kind of scared i wont be able to return to work in a full time capacity day at a time..Mindy the husky and bella the pom had puppies the same time...Max  the manwhore from down the road got busy with my girls...the pom mixes have all found homes...if anyone is around here or even pensacola, mobile, jay, brewton or atmore...i will deliver haha...i have seven beautiful husky mix puppies free to good jazzy girl is getting so babies are getting even bigger  Heather is 16 now and kyle is 14..where did the time fly?  I turned the big 40 this older Kia will be paid off in another month..things are going pretty good..David has made it 14 months alcohol very proud of him..He is a different man.  My stepmom made me a weenie dog cake for my birthday and a 5 layer purple cake for my best friend carrie..i have been doing a lot of crafts..not so much cross stitch...ive kinda slacked on that but i have made some jewelry and other neat things..i was in my first craft festival this month..i made a whole 20.50 but hey, gotta start somewhere huh? i have discovered a new love for Pinterest!!!!  im addicted to it haha...
this is my beautiful girl Jasmine, she is getting so big and is such a lover..thank you daddy and bonnie for giving me my angel.  I miss my willow but Jazz is slowly filling that empty hole will  left in my heart. 
this is my cake that bonnie made for me for my 40th.. i found a picture of a weenie dog cake on Pinterest and sent it to her..hers came out way better than the picture i sent her!!!!im having problems uploading pictures but there are tons more to follow!!! hope all is well with everyone.
and thank you for checkin in on me!!!


Annie said...

Glad to hear things are improving. It's definitely worth turning 40 to get a cake like that!

Nanbon44 said...

about time the blog was updated... love reading the blogs you girls write. Also to say you are addicted to Pinterest is a minor statement... You find way to many things there..