Saturday, July 21, 2012

ok time for a mid year post!

okey dokey i had my hysterectomy and my thyroid surgery..turns out my thyroid was cancerous..but the doc got it all and i didnt even need any radiation therapy.  i returned to work and two weeks later fell and hurt my ankle..may 5th was the it is july 21 and wellllll just found out i tore my ligament and have to have ankle surgery on aug 20...then i will be off of work for 12 weeks...never a dull moment in the life of Mel....My granny Edna isnt doing very well..her heart is giving her issues..its hard to imagine my family getting older..i remember them when they were young..Heck i turn forty years old in ten days. funny i dont feel like im turning the big 4-0!!!
i have been doing alot of crafty stuff and unfortunately have let my stitching go by the wayside.  I do have a new baby who is rotten as can be and i swear is Willow reincarnated..right down to the bopping people in the face with her nose and her wiggle butt waddle...she is rotten to say the least
she is bigger now and rotten to the core! hopefully in the next 4 months i will have time  a plenty to update this blog and will have more pictures at a later date..
Dont have a heart attack bonnie i updated my blog!!!


Nanbon44 said...

about time....LOL

Annie said...

Just read Bonnie's update on WOCS. You are really a trooper to get through all of this. Sending good thoughts to you and hope things settle down for you soon.