Saturday, October 15, 2011

update and two finishes

I had surgery friday for my ovarian cysts all is well my tummy is sore but im doing ok. i almost didnt get to have the surgery because of my blood pressure but thanks to my new doc Dr. Maxwell who is awesome and fairly new to the area, my blood pressure is doing better well thanks to her and two blood pressure medications...i start my daytime hours job on tuesday!!! yay!! i can sleep in my bed at night and maybe get my body back on schedule as to when it is supposed to be asleep...maybe once my medications are regulated ill have more energy...hopefully...i finished two more sanman halloween charts (Sandy Dering is awesome and wonderful) she has sent me charts and tucks to help rebuild my stitchy stash that i lost in the fire. Im truly blessed to be able to call her my friend.

sanman witch hat tuck

sanman halloween doodle

we had puppies dropped on our doorstep last weekend...5 of them to be exact...all are gone now except for Trotter...heather decided she was gonna fall in love with the little guy much for mom wanting a dachsund pup...he is a heinz 57 pup and is cute as hell

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