Sunday, October 9, 2011

my stitching so far this year

i havent done a lot of stitching because of everything goin on in life..but im trying to get back into the stitchy groove..
my running man was done for the charity stitchers WOCS group and was made into a quilt for one of the residents at the nursing home i work at.

running man

Starfish, by Samsarah used Cresent colors.

samsarah starfish

sanman originals flutter charmed

sanman flutter

sanman originals jingle stamp

sanman jingle stamp

sanman originals charming smiles...i did three different colors..

sanman smile flower

sanman smile flower charm

sanman smile charm flower

sanman originals charming ocean (octopus)

sanman charming ocean octopus


Nanbon44 said...

glad to see you are stitching again. and writing in your blog..

Anonymous said...

That was Awesome!!!