Monday, August 10, 2009

ughhh. what a week

Its been a busy week. im tired but only worked two days last week..figure that one out for me..ive been busy stitching. school starts tomorrow for the kids. Heather cant wait..kyle could care either way. Kyle went to spend one more night with nana before school and heather went to pensacola to the mall with one of her friends. I turned 37 on the 31st. i got some stitchy stuff and mom bought me a weenie dog figurine that is dressed in shakespearean costume. hes really cute. here are my finishes since my last post....

Sanman originals going bananas
sanman going bananas

Samsarah pearl Old Glory

samsarah Old Glory

Sanman originals Happy Tuck

sanman happy tuck

Samsarah pearl I love you

samsarah I love you

Samsarah pearl Yippee!!

samsarah pearl Yippee!

Samsarah Pearl Jackie Oh!

samsarah pearl Jackie Oh!

Samsarah Pearl Frank N. Stein

samsarah pearl Frank N Stein

Sanman originals Star on top Tuck

sanman Star on top Tuck

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Tonya said...

Trying to leave a comment. I don't remember my darn password! Anyway, can you see my blog?? I emailed you back after you emailed me, but I haven't ever gotten one back from you! Hope you had a wonderful summer!!!! big hugs