Friday, August 28, 2009

Ok, so I dont claim to be the quickest person when it comes to updating and adding pictures to my blog. School started oh..only 3 weeks ago. Heather started the 8th grade and kyle the 6th. Heather is on the volleyball team and had her very first game last night..they won 1 and lost 2 games. she did very well for having never played the game before. Kyle is anxiously awaiting AWANA to start back up at church and plans on playing basketball for the church team. I subject my children to the "mom wants a first day of school picture" every year so here they least heather smiled!!! I have been busy stitching..I get a lot done at work on the night shift between rounds but the night shift is taking a toll on my body! wants to sleep all day and stay up all night now!

Heather first day of 8th grade

Kyle first day of 6th grade

I have been busy stitching-mostly Sandy's wonderful designs....

Sanman Bright blue snow tuck
sanman Bright blue snow tuck

Sanman Lime green snow tuck
sanman lime green snow tuck

Sanman Star tuck

sanman star tuck

Sanman Batty tuck-this is one of my favorites!!

sanman Batty

Sanman orange zest-this is a square for WOCS for any child quilt..
sanman orange zest

I stitched sandy's Our little country home on a pillow top. my scanner could not get the whole piece scanned but the border is maroon, tan and dark blue. I used Crescent colors threads on this one..

sanman Our little country home

Hope everyone is doing well! i love you all...


Nancy M said...

Stitching and finishing......very impressive!!

Tonya said...

Love the stitching! I had emailed you but never heard anything so I figured you gave up on me!!! Miss talking to you!!!!