Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where are the days going????

Wow, another month gone by..Time flies..huh? I have changed over at work now and I love it! I still volunteer in Activities but dont have to deal with daily drama now. I do my job, get to do more one on one with the residents and the day goes by faster. then i get to go home! Heathers softball season is over, Kyles last day of awanas was tonight (forthe summer) school is out soon. David has been working quite a bit lately driving from here to panama city for the the past two weeks on a daily basis is starting to take its toll on him..hes exhausted but if you know david..he just keeps going. he leaves by 430am and gets home at 7pm,eats, showers and goes to bed..poor ol guy. ive been doing some stitching lately. but dont really seem to have the time or energy to drag myself to the computer to update..guess im in a kind of funk or something. I had a nice easter.will (eventually post pictures of my tea set and my cabbage patch doll! waiting for the kids' school pics to get back so i can take them to the grandparents. all the critters are doing well. adventure for today...lets see..i was "supposed" to get up and go help mom sew.(well i do the cutting she does the sewing)...and I locked my keys in the mind you..i NEVER lock my car in the yard..and I NEVER leave my keys in the car...yesterday i did both..thank god for Elery the maintenance man at work (and a friend)he came to my rescue yet again..he came and unlocked the car..took him 30 plus minutes but he did it!!! i got my hair chopped off! very short but it feels so nice and NOT HOT!!! here are my latest stitchings. ill update with pictures soon!! love you all..mel

Bluebell sachet for mom.
bluebell sachet

Guest towel for my friend..her bathroom is pineapples and palm trees..
guest towel

Sanman Originals T is for turtle tuck..isnt he adorable?

sanman T is for turtle

Prairie Schooler spring cottage, im going to finish it into a magnet...

PS spring cottage

Sanman originals Frost Days..BRRRR I did him on opalescent with silver..i love him!

sanman frosty days BRRR

Trail creek farms dad...yes for dad for fathers day..gonna make him a card...sorry daddy to ruin the surprise!

Trail Creek Farms DAD

Heart in Hand Easter sampler..I used Week's dye works instead of sampler threads that it called for...

Heart in Hand Easter sampler

Bookmark kit..stitched it up in about 20 minutes!!! i used SSS instead of the included threads in the kit..

Bent Creek "Hare Lines"..Used the called for Weeks dye works threads..on silkweaver solo..he was so easy to stitch up!!!
bent creek Hare Lines

And Those are my finishes..mostly from last week..the bookmark and the hare lines were monday night and tuesday night of this week finishes...Hope everyone is doing well!! love you!

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Tonya said...

Very cute stitching! Glad to hear things are better on the job front. Happy Mother's Day!!!